As the sun sets, take your seat in the outdoor amphitheater and experience the enlightenment that is the Sat-Chit-Anand Water Show. Transport yourself to the land of death and watch fearless Nachiketa confront Yama, the God of Death, and ultimately receive from him the knowledge of immortality and eternal happiness.


The Sat-Chit-Anand Water Show is a breathtaking 45-minute presentation, which brings to life an age-old tale from the Kathopanishad. The Sat-Chit-Anand water show instantly captivates you with its 80ft wide x 60ft high water screen, multi‐color lasers, video and light projections, fireballs and underwater flames, water jets, and surround sound symphony. Come join the live actors as they take you through a journey aimed to inspire and enlighten. Experience first-hand an unparalleled multimedia interpretive performance produced by international expert Yves Pepin and his team of professionals, BAPS volunteers, and sadhus.


The show begins by taking you through a mystical and enchanting introduction of India’s deep-seated cultural and spiritual glory. Soon thereafter, you meet the timeless Vedic Era protagonist, Nachiketa – a fearless and determined 9-year-old boy whose curiosity angers his father Uddalak. As a punishment, Uddalak sends him away to Yamraj – the God of Death. Nachiketa arrives at the abode of Yamraj to learn that the God of Death is away on business. When mighty Yamaraj returns he is alarmed to see the young Nachiketa at his door and attempts to scare him away with earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes, fire and thunderstorms. Nachiketa remains unfazed through it all. Impressed by Nachiketa’s courage, Yamaraj offers him three boons. Selflessly, Nachiketa first asks for the restoration of his father’s peace of mind. He then asks for the knowledge of the yagna, a ceremony through which people attain divine wisdom. Lastly but most importantly, Nachiketa asks Yamraj to reveal the truth about life after death and the path to eternal happiness. As events unfold, we learn - alongside young Nachiketa - the ultimate secret to true “Sat-Chit-Anand”-“Truth-Consciousness-Bliss.”


Adults (Age 11+): ₹ 100
Children (Age 3 – 11): ₹ 70
Children (Below Age 3): Free
Timings: First show starts after sunset. Multiple shows may be held during weekends or public holidays. (Currently 7:15 pm)
Time to See:
45 minutes
  1. As Sat-Chit-Anand is an outdoor show, it is subject to cancellation due to rainy weather. Guests sitting in the first few rows may get wet in windy condition.
  2. Show language: Hindi.
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