It had been brought to the attention of BAPS that the design of the Akshardham mandir was being incorrectly attributed to various architects including Mr. Vikram Lall. The Akshardham mandir design was a collaborative effort between BAPS Swamis and several members of the renowned Sompura family who are masters of traditional Hindu architecture. Mr. Vikram Lall, did provide the architectural drawings for some ancillary elements of the complex, including the residential block for swamis, the volunteer kitchen and dining hall, the guest house, and the auditorium, but he had no role in the design or architecture of the Akshardham mandir or any of its traditional surrounding features. Additionally, Mr. Vikram Lall had initially been asked to prepare a master plan for the complex, but his submitted plan was ultimately rejected for a number of practical concerns, and the final master plan of the complex was wholly designed by BAPS swamis. A letter to this effect from Mr. Vikram Lall can be viewed below.