As the sun sets, please take your seat at this traditional step well and experience an eternal truth. Transport yourself to the courtyard of the gods and watch the innocence of children challenge the powers of the mighty!


The Sahaj Anand Water Show calls the Yagnapurush Kund its home. An replica of grand traditional step-wells, it measures 300’ x 300’ and has 2,870 steps and 108 small shrines. The nine-lotus design of the central pool is a replication of a ritual yantra or arrangement used in sacred Hindu ceremonies. At the head of the step-well is the 27 feet tall bronze murti of Neelkanth Varni. He presides over the step-well inspiring determination, devotion and courage in all who catch his sight.


The Sahaj Anand Water Show is a breathtaking 24-minute presentation which unites a variety of intriguing media to bring to life a story from the Kena Upanishad. Multi-color lasers, video projections, underwater flames, water jets and surround sound in symphony with lights and live actors produce a captivating and inspiring presentation. International experts contributed their expertise with BAPS volunteers and sadhus to produce this one-of-a-kind presentation.


Children play around a lake and are amazed to see the water joining in their fun. Soon, through their dance and song, a flower is created from the water of the lake. However, their merriment disturbs the devas - gods of the elements - who are celebrating a victory over the demons. The children’s seemingly feeble flower is in danger of being destroyed by the wrath of the gods. The innocence and hope of children is pitted against the powers and ego of the devas. As events unfold, discover whether the flower survives. Learn the secret of Sahaj Anand – innate, spontaneous bliss. This story is adapted from the Kena Upanishad, one of the many treasures of knowledge and wisdom from the Vedic era.


Adults (Age 12+): ₹ 95
Seniors (Age 60+): ₹ 95
Children (Age 4 – 11): ₹ 65
Children (Below Age 4): Free
Timings: First show starts soon after sunset. 
Multiple shows may be held during weekends or public holidays. (Currently 8:00 pm)
Time to See:
24 minutes
  1. In windy conditions, the audience may get wet by fountain water.
  2. Show language – Hindi.