Satish Gujral
World Renowned Painter, Sculptor, Muralist & Architect

I am otherwise not a believer, but there are times when you see such a thing that you have to make yourself believe that there is something like Providence which gives man such power to create such a place. This place, as I am told, was created in just 5 years. I am not only an artist but an architect myself. And seeing the limitations in India, I think normally it would have taken 50 years to build such a thing. But it’s not just the time they took that is admirable but what is created. It is a very beautiful place, very well planned and as I told you before, it can make a non-believer become a believer. Because there are some things which cannot be explained just by logic. There is something more in it. And in this place I found there was somewhere the hand of Providence that worked and is still working.

October 27, 2005

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